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Yes. When creating a new campaign, you can indicate the start date and time. To program the campaign you only have to indicate the date you want it to start in there.
You can segment it by criteria such as location, interests (fashion, technology, sports ...), language, followers and social networks.
At the moment, no. The price of each action is decided by the influencer.
The influencers will begin to publish on the dates you have defined in your action.
All publications accepted by the influencer will be published in the terms that have been defined. If for any error this did not happen, Adwore would automatically refund the full amount to the Brand.
You can see his profile photo, description, location, language, prices, number of followers, topics he mentions and description about his followers.
Yes, PayPal is currently the only way, but we plan to implement other methods in the future.
Once the payment has been accepted/made, Adwore acts as an intermediary for the transaction. The payment amount is on hold until the end of the campaign. When the campaign comes to an end, the amount is released and becomes available to the Influencer.
We currently work with Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin.